Tuesdays are officially now known as Tuesday Night Negroni's or TNN!.

by Negronis Greg

Greg and I started this website because we loved Negroni's. Then we went into setting up the website and the business, and we had to go wide to get the site up and running and deal with all the admin side of things.


And through that process, folks said, are you all no longer about Negronis? During our latest all-hands meeting, aka Zoom Call + Cocktails, we decided to showcase what Negroni we are drinking each and get our DWG community involved with the fun.

So from this day forward, Tuesdays are officially now known as Tuesday Night Negroni's or TNN!.

P.S. You can 100% expect to see some swag for TNN coming out soon.


With that said, tonight I am drinking 'The Old Pal'.  A drink I would have completely overlooked namely because I don't drink a ton of Rye Whiskey. But we had been preparing for a Negronis with Greg podcast and 'The Old Pal' came up that we hadn't run through that drink yet and as a result, I needed to procure a bottle of Rye Whiskey and landed on the Wild Turkey Rye thanks to a recommendation from Matt Hranek and his Negroni book 'The Negroni: A Love Affair with a Classic Cocktail'.  


The drink is a pretty standard mix of 1:1:1, with the Wild Turkey Rye Really shinning through. Sometimes with this drink, I will double up on garnish with a combination of both lemon and orange for balance. 


Let's us know what you are sipping on tonight with TNN!


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