Negronis With Greg - Episode 010 (The Le Bristol Paris Negroni)

by Negronis Greg

There's something timeless and alluring about the Negroni, a cocktail that has captivated the hearts of many. On the latest episode of "Negronis with Greg," we're treated to a delightful journey through the pages of Matt Hranek's "Negroni: A Love Affair with a Classic Cocktail" as our hosts taste their way through the El Bistro Paris Negroni.

As the sun dips below the horizon, Greg and Reed pour themselves a glass of this ruby-red concoction, blending the bitter notes of Campari with the sophisticated botanicals of Tanqueray Ten and the sweet whispers of Martini & Rossi Vermouth. It's not just about the flavors; it's about the experience, the memories that each sip evokes, and the laughter shared over a well-crafted drink.


But what makes the perfect Negroni? Is it the choice of gin, the quality of vermouth, or the balance of ingredients? Our hosts delve deep into these questions, sharing their candid thoughts and ratings on taste, appearance, and balance. From the bougie preferences of Greg to Reed's pragmatic approach, there's a wealth of knowledge and opinion to be savored.

And it's not just about what's in the glass. The conversation meanders through tales of holiday breaks, encounters with Monkey 47 gin, and the quest for the ultimate ice cube. Whether it's Reed's custom ice trays with his logo or Greg's musings on copper stamps, the details matter in the world of cocktail crafting.

The episode is peppered with personal stories, like Greg's brother-in-law's unexpected Negroni order and Reed's reflections on ice cube artistry. It's these human touches that make "Negronis with Greg" more than just a podcast about drinks—it's a celebration of the connections we forge over shared interests and the simple pleasures of a well-made cocktail.

As the episode winds down, anticipation builds for the next cocktail adventure. Will the Old Pal, with its mix of Beefeater gin, Wild Turkey rye, and a twist of lemon, rise to the occasion? Stay tuned to "Negronis with Greg," where the journey through the world of cocktails is just as intoxicating as the drinks themselves.

So pour yourself a Negroni, kick back, and let Greg and Reed guide you through the art and science of this beloved cocktail. Listen to the episode now and join the conversation—because life is too short for mediocre drinks.



We are back with Episode 010 of the Negronis with Greg Podcast. In this episode, we are exploring 'The Le Bristol Paris Negroni,' so tune in or get into the game by heading over to to learn more about the drink, how to make it, and what we each rated the drink.

So, grab a glass, sit back, and let the Negronis with Greg Podcast transport you into a world of exquisite taste, visual allure, and impeccable balance. Cheers to the journey ahead!


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In each episode, we run through various on the Negroni. We prepare the drink with the same ingredient but compete on presentation.

  • 1 oz. Campari
  • 1 oz. Tanqueray 10 Gin
  • 1 oz. Martini & Rossi Vermouth
  • Garnish with a Orange Slice



As a passionate Negroni enthusiast, Greg has developed a unique rating system that evaluates each concoction across three key dimensions: taste, look, and balance. With a rating scale ranging from 1 to 3, with 3 being the highest mark, get ready to uncover the most exceptional Negronis based on their flavor profiles, presentation, and harmonious blending of ingredients. 




Scoring Results: 7/6

Greg’s Voting:

  • Taste: 2
  • Look: 3
  • Balance: 2
  • Total: 7

    Reed’s Voting:

    • Taste: 2
    • Look: 2
    • Balance: 2
    • Total: 6


    Full Show Transcription


    Negronis With Greg - Episode 010 (The Parisian Twist)

    We might have to, uh, pay a few bucks for that transcription

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: We might have to pay a few bucks for that transcription. Ironically, it was kind of, like low key, easy, and fun. Oh, well, yeah, that will be annoying, but at least we did a dry run. I think I can, probably. My guess is it did the audio. I'll pay a couple of bucks if.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: All right. So, boy, it's like we're amateurs.

    Welcome to another episode of Negronis with Greg

    Welcome to another episode of Negronis with Greg, where we are going through the Negroni, a, love affair with a classic cocktail by  Matt Hranek, and tasting every one of his delicious Negroni recipes. Tonight, we're going for the Le Bristol Paris Negroni, which is Campari tanker ten, and Martin and Rossi vermouth. Reed, what do you think?

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I'm pretty happy with it.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Oh, you're diving right in.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Yeah, I'm drinking right in. So, tonight's context was that we did a back-to-back episode where we did one of our Drink with Greg podcasts before this, and then we jumped into the Negroni. We also happened to record this at almost 10:00 Greg's time, 09:00 my time, which is late living for this guy. So I jump right in. I'm pretty happy with this. I might come back and check my scoring maybe this weekend after I'm fully rested if you will. to see if I liked it, but I'm digging it. What are you thinking?

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I like it. I think it's a nice balance. I typically don't go with this vermouth, mostly because I am a little bougie, and I think $6 for vermouth isn't a great thing. But it tastes like a lot of negronis I get when I'm out. so I guess it's a very familiar flavor, even though I don't drink it at home.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Do you think it's just because of the vermouth, or you think it's a combination of all the ingredients?

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Well, I mean, I think you got two thirds of the ingredients are pretty standard, right? Anywhere you go, you're going to get Campari, you're going to get cheap vermouth, and then it's the gin. And I'll tell you when I'm out. I don't pay for fancy gin in my negronis. I don't know about you.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: it's monkey 47 or bust for me.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I've never had it. I want to do it, but I just can't justify the price.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I had it over the holiday break. my brother-in-law, who I'd never seen him order a negroni before. I ordered one, and he was like, monkey 47. And I was with my father-in-law, and he's going to be kind enough to pick up the check. I was like, I will take one, too. And, unfortunately, I'd had enough drinks that night that I couldn't really tell you if it was significantly better. Although I don't really like the fact that I'm saying it in kind of a tongue in cheek manner. I don't think it was like leaps and bounds better, but whatever. It was kind of cool.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I went to a bar with David, who, you know, one of my old college roommates. And we were sitting there, and it was called the gin joint. So obviously a lot of gins. And we're looking at the wall and he's pointing to all these gins. He's like, oh, that's the, japanese gin. That's like floral, and this, oh, that's this gin. I'm like, well, how do you know all these gins? He obviously does a better job and has an expense account where he can go around and be trying all these different gins. I'm like, I'm lucky to get a drink at all.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I think the key takeaway of that story is let's make sure that, when he comes back in town, we're on a business trip, air quotes with him, and, making sure we're only drinking monkey 47 or better.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Well, it sounds like monkey 47 wasn't the pinnacle, at least for a negroni.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Yeah, I've heard it's good. It was fine. whatever is what it is.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Yes. Well, I will dive into my ratings. Ah, for taste, I'm going to give it a two. I think it tastes good. It's, as I said, kind of a typical restaurant. Ah, bar negroni. but with the tanker a ten in there, I expected a little bit more. but then again, I've never done it side by side with tanker a, tanker a ten. So m. I'm not sure if it's actually that much better, but the look, it looks great. I think my picture, which will be posted, shows, how good it looks. so I'm going to give it a three. It's got that nice Ruby red that you're looking for. my ice is still terrible. Nothing's changed. but I have not allocated any freezer space in my household, so that's never really going to change. and then for balance, I think it's good, too. I like the drink. I would drink this happily and will drink this happily. but I think that we've had better negronis thus far.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Yeah, my ratings. I actually was thinking about it when you're talking. I know we said we wouldn't do it, but, I changed mine to twos across the board. I think your description of this tastes like every Negroni I eat and drink. Ah. At an airport or a hotel. A basic hotel bar. There's nothing wrong with it. It just tastes like a Negroni. It's fine. It's not going to knock your socks off. so I gave it, like I said, twos across the board. I think your picture way out of my coverage. But I did crush you with the Christmas holiday cups that I still have out.

    My brother bought me custom ice trays with my rd logo

    and then, while I haven't done this, for this drink, I got to give a shout-out to Brinker, my brother. He bought me custom ice trays with my rd logo. My wife's like, wait, do you have another logo? I didn't even know about this one. for context here, my brother is one of the best gift givers. For my 30th birthday, he gave me 30 gifts he got from traveling around Europe. And I think for his 30th birthday, I gave him a gift card to, bath and bodyworks or dick's sporting goods or something. I don't know why I said bath and bodyworks. I came to mind because he loves.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: The smell, like Rosemary. I don't know.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: There you go. Yeah. So he told me the story, though, on the ice tray. So he was trying to think of something to get me, and he was pretty excited about it, but something happened at work, and he delayed buying it, and so he bought it. And then there was, like, an up charge for instead of having two, he wanted four. Instead of having, like, two inches, he wanted it three inches. And then, if he wanted it shipped before Christmas, he was paying for it. So I think he told me, and I'm going to paraphrase here, it went from being, like, a funny 30 or $40 gift to, like, $180.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: My God.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: And what sucks is the ice cube is great, but I've watched a couple of YouTube videos. You've got to boil the water.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Let's say get the clear ice.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Doesn't get the clear ice. And I haven't been bothered to do that. So I've just thrown it in so they're cool. It actually looks pretty slick. I wish the indentation was a little deeper. If I was being critical, it was a great gift, but I also want to get one of those copper stamps that you put on the ice cubes. I've never done those, but I've got to imagine they're pretty cool.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I've seen those, but they take longer than you would think. And then you got melted ice because it just makes the ice melt fast.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Oh, really? Okay.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Yeah. I don't understand the science behind it. if you do understand the science behind it, please let us know on our socials and explain why that works and why that metal in particular. but I think that's fine. They're cool. But I would set a bar, and the guy puts the ice cube, the big square, down, and then he flips it, and it sits there. And he flips it again. And it sits there and he flips it. I'm like, this is adding a ton of time for a detail that's going to wash away in, like, ten minutes. Yeah, I don't know if it's worth it. but I do think that we need to dive deeper into this. Can we get our Negroni glass logo in an ice form? Because that is something I would sign up for. Right.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I got to look into it. That's pretty cool. we are going to do some, custom, logo etching or I'm looking into it with a brand that I don't want to mention yet, but it's a high end it cocktail, custom hand blown glass brand. And if I can get it done, it will look pretty slick. in the works, but. Okay. I'll look at, the isIs. That's a deal. I've got that. Okay.

    Are we on episode number nine or ten? I can't remember. No, we've recorded ten. Okay. So we're getting close to

    so we're getting close to, I think our episode. Are we on episode number nine or ten? I can't remember.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: We are on episode number eleven. All right, we're episode number twelve, but eleven recorded episode number.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Okay, got it. So we're getting pretty close to needing another.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: No.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: So we've recorded nine. This will be ten.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: No, we've recorded ten. This will be eleven. Because we haven't done ten.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Okay.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Because we need a guest.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I got to figure out. Oh, got it. So we're going to put this one out after we do the guest?

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Yes, after the secret agent Negroni.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Ah. Okay. All right, cool. Perfecto. Perfecto. trying to think what else on this one. I think your description is 100% right. This tastes like almost every restaurant. When I order a Negroni at, like, a table when you're eating dinner. Yeah.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Like an Italian restaurant, you're going to get this. But the gin is not going to be this good. So is the gin that good? Is the question. Is tanker ten worth the premium?

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I would say stick with something cheaper.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I think tanker is great. So why pay for the ten?

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Yeah, I think just go with tangeray. I agree with that.

    So, what is next on the calendar? Uh, I think we should try this old pal's rye

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: So what is next on the calendar? We should try this old pal, the Beefeater or Wild Turkey.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Let's do that while it's still kind of cold because once it gets warm, I don't want to do that. So let's do that next.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: well, one problem with that is when you live in Florida like I do, it was in the mid seventy s today, so it's already nice here.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Well, when you live in Chicago, it was in the mid 60s yesterday.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Well, there you go. That's nice. February shouldn't be that warm. All right, well, that will be the next one. I have no expectations for that one. I've never had it. and I have to buy rye because I don't have any.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I got to buy rye, too. That's, the wild turkey. Wild turkey or 81. I might bend the rules.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Yes, I agree.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I'm not sure I can find those two wild turkey. If I can get like an airplane bile. I don't want like a whole thing of 81 rye.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Well, maybe just change your rye. This is a classic, the old pal. so I'm going to say we should be open for the rye choice.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Let's see. Can I get airplane bottle of wild turkey?

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I bet you can.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: All Right.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: And it's a lemon, which I'm excited about.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: So if I can't get the rye, 151, I might just get a wild turkey because wild turkey has got a lot of bite in it.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Yeah, that's why I'm probably not going to go wild turkey. I think I'm probably going to go with a Breckenridge rye, which I think is a nice choice. you could go with more classic rye if you wanted, like a bullet.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I'm probably going to go bullet rye. Or, what's the other one? What's the one that we went to the distillery? Woodford rye. I like the Woodford rye, although you're just paying a little extra. I think bullet rye for the price is pretty darn good value.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: I would agree with that. Yeah. Okay, you want to do bullet? I'll do bullet. All right. Bullet it is.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Maybe I'll go to Costco. I'll get bullet rye. But I still want to see what's at Costco. All right.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: And then it comes with a lemon slice. So that's going to be. You have it. Are you going to dehydrate a lemon wheel? Because that would be pretty amazing.

    Do you know how much work making beef jerky is with a dehydrator

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Well, back to my brother with an awesome gift. He gave me a dehydrator. The only problem was it was the size of a fridge, so I threw it on.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Do you know how much work making beef jerky is with a dehydrator?

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Don't you just throw it in the oven for, like, three days?

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Or your dehydrator is how you can make it.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: Do you have a dehydrator?

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: No, because, you have to buy a huge amount of meat, and it shrinks down to not a huge amount of meat.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: So you just buy the, because.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Remember, the meat is mostly water, right? And you're dehydrating it, so you're pulling it all out. Three pounds of meat, you get, like, a pound of jerky. That's why jerky is so expensive. I found that out. But if you become a jerky expert, please send me some.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I've never done jerky, but I have done, fruits. It's harder than you. It's not like, what have you done? Fruit. Like, all sorts of fruit.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Dehydrating fruit.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: I love it. I did pineapples, and it's incredible. Have you ever made pineapples and naval oranges? Those looked cool. So that wraps up the show. You can, like, follow. Subscribe to us on Instagram X at Negronis with Greg. Don't forget to check out the website drink with Greg, where you can buy all your favorite spirits. Read all of our past articles, listen to our M podcast, and m much more. And don't forget to check in with us on the next episode when we're going to record the rye one with the old pal and anything else. Greg.

    Co-Host - Greg Larsen: Well, I think that's it. And look forward to C or I guess, cut that out.

    Co-Host - Reed Dailey: All right, thanks, bud. Bye.




      As we come to the end of another captivating episode of Negronis with Greg Podcast, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for joining us on this delightful journey. Your support and enthusiasm for the world of Negronis have been truly inspiring. Remember to like, follow, and subscribe to our show, so you never miss an episode filled with intriguing stories, expert insights, and of course, the exploration of remarkable Negroni variations. We look forward to sharing many more sips, stories, and unforgettable moments with you. Until next time, cheers and keep enjoying the artistry of Negronis!



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