Negronis with Greg - Episode 000

by Negronis Greg


Over the last couple of years, we talked about doing some fun video or live chat to talk about different versions of the drink we had concocted, rare bottles we had stumbled upon, or use it as an excuse to pour a cold one and chop it up. Well, Greg moved from Chicago to Orlando, schedules become surprisingly more complex, and we never found time. Fast forward to this spring WM Brown’s own Matt Hranek (@Matthranek) released a book, ‘The Negroni A Love Affair with a Classic Cocktail,’ and it got us talking about Negroni’s again.

Over text messages and phone calls, we discussed different ways we could explore this classic cocktail over text messages and phone calls, how we might share that information, what all we could talk about, how we would collaborate, etc. Fast forward to the middle of the summer; it hit me; what if we called the segment ‘Negronis with Greg’ and used Matt’s book as a sort of guide to exploring the vast world that is the NEGRONI! Sure, we will stray from time to time from Matt’s book; yeah, we will try our own version and riffs on the drink. Of course, we will one-up each other on who can find the more elusive vintage and hard-to-find ingredients. And above all, we are going to share far too many dang posts on cocktails.

While we likely won’t have a set cadence or a set medium, rest assured, the content will amaze and aww. Most importantly, it will have you heading to your favorite spirit purveyor to procure this tasty beverage known simply as the Negroni.

-Greg and Reed


Join us on an Adventure to explore Italy’s Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail. As always you can get this episode and all previous episodes on such great platforms as Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastSpotify, and Anchor. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and have all the episodes downloaded automatically to your device. 

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