Dry January Is Over: Let's Get The Party Started with the The Gray Whale Negroni

by Negronis Greg


We took January off from drinking, and thanks to 'Dry January, ' we are refreshed and ready to rock and roll. We decided to kick things off by having a drink made up of only items from our store. With that said, we introduce 'The Grey Whale Negroni.' 




The The Grey Whale Negroni / Negroni Set is comprised of a combination of classic and new products. The Classics of Campari and Martini and Rossi are the staples of any Negroni. The new, up and coming California Gin, "Gray Whale Gin" adds a hint of modernity and youth for this classic cocktail. Gray Whale Gin (750 ML): Every year the California Gray Whale makes a 12,000-mile migration from the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula to the cool waters of the Arctic. The small batch Gray Whale Gin is a celebration of this most incredible journey! First, the aroma of citrus carries you north, followed by juniper and a subtle hint of cool coastal fir trees. Campari (375 ML): The Italian alcoholic liqueur is considered an apŽritif, obtained from the infusion of herbs and fruit in alcohol and water. It is a bitters, characterised by its dark red colour. Martini and Rossi Rosso --Sweet (750 ML): Martini & Rossi Rosso Vermouth is a light, balanced and scarlet-hued Italian sweet red vermouth. The exquisite red vermouth has remained inextricably linked to the Italian passions of food, entertaining friends and motor racing, since 1863.



  • 1.0 oz Campari
  • .75 oz Martini and Rossi
  • 1.25 oz Gray Whale Gin
  • Orange & Lemon



  • First, turn on some tunes to make this delicious drink
  • In a Billy Reid Mixing glass, doesn't have to be, we just really like his. Pour Gin, Vermouth, and Campari 
  • Add ice, then add more ice. Get the good ice, the Chicago Cubes Ice
  • Stir for 25-30 seconds, we like them really cold
  • Pour into a fancy rocks glass
  • Then take the Orange peel and wipe the rim of the glass, repeat with the lemon
  • Relax and reflect



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