Drinks We Love: Greg's Margarita

by Negronis Greg

Hey, party people! Greg from Drink With Greg here, ready to spill the secrets of my pride and joy – Greg's Margarita. Let's dive into the roots, the magic recipe, and who's rocking the Margarita game today.


Imagine this – a beach, a sunset, and the quest for the perfect blend of sweet, sour, and a tequila kick. That's where Greg's Margarita took its first glorious sip. Born out of a love for good times and great drinks, it's a cocktail that embodies the spirit of a never-ending fiesta.



  • Tequila: The heart and soul. Go for a quality blanco – we're not cutting corners here. W
  • Orange Liquor: A sweet touch to balance the tequila's punch.
  • Fresh Lime Juice: None of that bottled stuff. Squeeze it fresh for that zesty kick.
  • Simple Syrup: A hint of sweetness, just enough to make it dance on your taste buds.



  • Rim your glass with salt – or don't, if that's not your jam.
  • In a shaker, combine 2.25 oz tequila, 
  • 1 oz orange liquore 
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • Shake it like you mean it – we're talking a good 20 seconds of shaking
  • Strain it over ice into your prepared glass


Personal Touch

Now, my friends, a Margarita is not just a drink; it's an experience. Pair it with fish tacos, guacamole, or just a lazy day by the pool. It's the ultimate companion for good vibes.

So, there you have it – Greg's Margarita, a concoction that transports you to a beachside paradise with each sip. Cheers to the perfect blend of fun and flavor!

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