Drink of the Week:: Oaxacan Old Fashioned (Join Jules Edition)

by Negronis Greg

This week we are giving you a double feature. We are of course featuring the Drink of the Week, but we are also featuring bartender and blogger @Join_Jules rif on The Oaxacan Old Fashioned. 


History of the drink

The Oaxacan Old Fashioned is a cocktail that originated in Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico known for its mezcal production. It is a twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, which traditionally contains whiskey, sugar, bitters, and a citrus peel.

The Oaxacan Old Fashioned replaces the whiskey with mezcal, a type of agave spirit that is smokier and more complex than its cousin, tequila. Mezcal is made by roasting the agave plant in underground pits before fermenting and distilling the juice. This roasting process gives mezcal its distinct smoky flavor, which makes it a perfect pairing for the bold flavors of the other ingredients in the Oaxacan Old Fashioned.

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  • In a chilled mixing glass
  • Add a healthy amount of ice and stir to chill
  • Strain over a rocks glass with a large cube
  • Garnish with a swath of an orange peel & enjoy


Featured Bartender: 

Also known as Julianna McIntosh, but now known as Join Jules. I started Join Jules as a Cocktail blog sharing daily cocktail recipes to help inspire the home bartenders and bartenders alike. It’s my goal to try to make everyone comfortable with making a cocktail at home. Started back in 2020 with the home bartending crazy happening given everything… I found that the mixology world was dominated by male bartenders and overly complicated cocktails. So, I wanted to create a new understanding of what cocktails can and should be. Highlighting the importance of fresh flavors and showcasing delicious and accessible recipes for the at-home bartender. With an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and embracing both the importance and simplicity of the visual appeal of cocktails, I invite any and all to come together and help break the barrier between high-brow mixology and at-home craft cocktails.


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