Drink of the Week: Augusta National's famous Azalea cocktail

by Negronis Greg

Welcome to the weekly update from Drink with Greg!

We wanted to start putting together a weekly letter, but in post format, to update you on what we're doing with the website. We want to make it more about our journey through cocktails, wines, mixology, etc., and less of a corporate site.

Over the past few weeks, Greg and I have connected and shared notes online through text, email, and Google Notes. We want to continue to drill into our drink of the week and highlight some of the great books we've been finding on the road.

 With that all said, our other co-founder Reed, is heading to the Masters this week and is fired up and thought what a better way to share our journey! Thanks to the Masters' Pinterest Page, we are ready for the masters thanks to their famous pink Azalea cocktail. 



It's not the Masters-at-home until you've made an Azalea cocktail and paired it with a pimento cheese, now that is an Augusta staple one-2-punch!. It's Masters Time BABY!


Your Best Cocktail

It's not the Masters-at-home until you've made an Azalea. Mix 1¼ oz vodka, 5 oz lemonade and ½ oz of grenadine over ice with a cherry and orange slice garnish and you've got the signature cocktail of the Tournament.



  • Ice
  • 1.25 oz vodka
  • 0.5 oz lemonade
  • 0.5 oz grenadine
  • Cherry and lemon wheel garnish


Tips of the Trade

The folks from Augusta didn't call out if you should shake or stir this drink, but we recommend shaking it, trust us.


Pairs Well With

Also, make sure to pair one with another Augusta staple: pimento cheese. Cheers!

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