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Podcast Overview

Welcome to Drink with Greg, your ultimate guide to the drinks world. At Drink with Greg, a great drink can transform any occasion into a special moment. We're passionate about helping you create memorable experiences through the perfect beverage.

Our team of experts has curated a hand-picked selection of top-quality products, from essential bar tools to elegant glassware, to elevate your at-home cocktail experience. But we don't stop at just cocktails! We're also exploring the fascinating worlds of wine and beer with expert advice, product recommendations, and educational resources to help you discover new favorites and expand your knowledge.

At Drink with Greg, we're dedicated to providing a wealth of information and inspiration to cocktail enthusiasts, home bartenders, and industry professionals alike. Whether you're looking to craft the perfect Old Fashioned, discover a new wine region, or learn more about the world of drinks, we've got you covered. Join us on the journey as we explore the endless possibilities of what we believe is one of life's greatest pleasures - a well-crafted drink.

Content Pillars

The show consists of three main content pillars. Firstly, "Exploration" focuses on uncovering new brands and untapped regions. Secondly, "Education" highlights innovative techniques in the beverage industry. Lastly, "Connection" involves engaging with leaders in the space to create exciting and new products across various categories of beverages.

Drink With Greg Podcast

Co-Host: Greg Larsen

Greg has extensive experience drinking and making Negronis and one might say it could be a borderline obsession, a healthy one of course. Greg was unknowingly introduced to the Negroni at a hotel bar in Chicago after his mother ordered the drink and describe it as too bitter. Greg tried it and was intrigued. After a quick Google search and realizing that it only had 3 ingredients - he was hooked. As a former “cocktail guy” Greg quickly realized that he didn’t have the energy or desire to become a mixologist. As a man who loves the simple things in life and a good lifehack, this was the perfect drink for him. Thus the Negroni became his go-to home cocktail whether it be barrel-aged or pre-batched, or this vermouth or that. If you have thought about it or tried it, he has or will drink it. It is with this love for the Negroni that Reed and Greg have begun a journey where they will make and taste as many variations as possible. Greg Larsen is a director of real estate lending at a major US Bank and is located in Tampa, FL with his wife and two young daughters. Outside of work he loves EDM and Hip Hop music, wine, cocktails, lifehacking and working out to avoid gaining any of that liquor weight.

Co-Host: Reed Dailey

It should come as no surprise that Reed was first introduced to the Negroni by our own Greg Larsen hence the name! With research starting early and ending late, Reed has tried other drinks over the years, but nothing soothes the soul quite like the Negroni. “Its bitter yet bright taste is something that you can’t escape; once you try one, you always find yourself needing two.” Reed brings unique perspectives gained thanks to his role as a consultant for a global consulting firm. Outside of work, Reed has built the Drink With Greg brand, which comprises digital content via DaileyBlend.com and is podcast series, 'Drink With Greg' Show. Beyond work and hobbies, Reed lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his family, loves golf and paddle, house music and hip-hop, caffeine and cocktails, and of course, a good meal out. Thanks to the unique spelling of his name, you can find him on most social platforms or by heading to bio.site/reeddailey.

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If you would like to learn more about the show please send an email to info@drinkWithgreg.com